Hunger for inspiration

Who doesn't miss Stranger Things? Who doesn't want some more of Steve's great hair tips and more of Dustin's funny antics? We are sure to say that most of our readers are eager to see some more. So we are going to look at the series of the moment from a different point of view: as an inspiration to create amazing illustrations and improve our character design skills.

We have made a collection of illustration projects and tributes to this series and its characters, who are already destined to turn into classics. What we like the most about this fanart collection is that each of the artists gives us their particular vision of the series and its protagonists with their own style. In addition, we have also found the project that the artist Kyle Lambert made for the official poster of the series, both the first season and the second, and we can see Eleven's evolution and the incorporation of characters that have become essential like Steve with his spiked bat!

Lyn-Hui Ong does not forget in her Behance project any of the different styles and looks of the characters. The most spectacular are those of Eleven and Will Byers because as you know, for them, the story is a roller coaster. But we can also see Dustin, Max, Mike, Lucas and even a jumping Eggo.

On the other hand, in Peter Slattery's project "The year in Fanart" we can also find the characters of this Netflix series, especially a coolest Steve, with a different style, but also many other series and movie tributes that you will surely have seen, like the latest Blade Runner movie or the unforgettable Breaking Bad.

We've also looked in on Instagram and found lots of cool stuff. We would like to highlight just a couple of accounts that have created illustrations about Stranger Things, but also about many other characters, programs and charismatic films. This is the case of @Giorgia Lancellotti; in this account we can even find Angela Lansbury from A crime has been written.

We have also been impressed with the account @RuizBurgos where you can find amazing drawings of Rey from Star Wars to Every Hammond from V of Vendetta.

If you think that this is enough to cheat a little bit of your hunger for a third season of Stranger Things, come on, grab your pencils and start drawing!